Web-Based Inventory Management System

What is Eventory?

Eventory is a highly customizable, web-based inventory management system for warehouse and production facility.  It manages production supply, warehouse stock and shipping materials for your organization and stores it in our secure cloud server. In addition, it also tracks shipment schedules and sales figure. Eventory tracks everything from the point where raw materials go into production to the point where it leaves your warehouse facility. it tells you everything you want to know from a production and warehousing standpoint all at the touch of your fingertips.



Easy Implementation

User Friendly




With Eventory, our clients have reported an increase in production efficiency and a decrease in warehouse loss. Through our organized, real-time tracking system, we have managed to track, mark and manage our clients’ numerous product types and production lines. Below are some of the facts that our clients shared with us. 

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Increased Production Efficiency
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Minimized Warehousing Loss
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Different Production Lines Managed

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