IT Infrastructure Consulting

At PT. Teknovasi Mitra Komputindo, we believe that technology is the core of all modern business. Unfortunately, technological advancement is rapidly changing these days that most organization have a hard time keeping up with the latest trend. In the face of a constantly evolving industry, PT. Teknovasi Mitra Komputindo provides a complete consulting service for your IT infrastructure.

Project and Vendor Management

We assess, manage and implement your IT iniatives from the start to the finish. We work directly with your internal team and vendors to ensure that your project implementation is completed according to your requirements, within your budget and on time.

Network and Connectivity

We evaluate your organization’s network infrastructure and connectivity to identify vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, obstacles, and opportunities for improvements. We also provide network vulnerability management through network remediation or mitigation.


We evaluate your IT security level within your organization through various penetration and social engineering testing. In addition, we analyze, as well as provide solution and improvement to your security policies and procedures.

Data Center Modernization

We assess your data center from power, network, server, storage, cabling, location, and policies to provide your organization with a strategic and technical recommendation. We are also able to architect and implement solutions whenever necessary.

Data Center Colocation and Migration

We design, plan, migrate and maintain your co-located data center environment. We manage everything from data center provider selection and negotiation with vendors, down to the technical implementation and day-to-day data center management.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

We assess your data center and IT department to provide your organization with a disaster recovery strategic planning, playbook, runbook and implementation; including redundant infrastructure, storage backup, and failover with high availability.

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