Assessment & Analysis

We provide a thorough IT assessment & detailed analysis for our client’s business at all organizational levels. Through our reports, you can have a clearer picture of your current IT infrastructure. This information is crucial to your business as it helps you in making an informed decision whether you want to increase your efficiency, update your infrastructure or just simply want to develop a better business strategy. A healthy, well-managed IT infrastructure can help your team to easily define and prioritize tasks,  quickly navigate and remediate risks, and boost overall productivity of your business. 

Data Center

We can help your business to design, plan and implement a balanced and efficient data center operation. In designing, implementing or managing a data center, our team can provide you with a clear project plan, project timeline, reliable infrastructure design, as well as budget and resource analysis report. Our goal is to maximize the return of your investments and turn them into an increase of productivity and efficiency within your business. 
Server is the brain and the heart of every functional data center operation. Whether your business manages a small scale operation with few number of servers or a large scale operation with multiple server farms, Teknovasi Tech can help you to optimize your data center’s server performance efficiently. 
Network is the backbone of all data center connectivity. A well-designed network architecture can greatly increase the productivity of your business and the efficiency of your server’s performance. At Teknovasi Tech, we can help you to design, implement or reconfigure your network architecture according to your business requirements.
Your data is your business’ most valuable asset. At Teknovasi Tech, we can help you in planning and implementing an effective data storage solution for your business.
At this modern age of technology, data breaches are on the rise. As your IT environment continues to grow, Teknovasi Tech can provide you with an adaptive and proven security methods.
Disaster Recovery
Our business continuity solutions ensure that your technological investments, valuable data and resources are well-protected and always accessible to you despite unexpected disasters or outages.

Web Development

We specialize in various types of web development projects from a simple interactive website to a multipurpose web application. All of our web development projects are custom-tailored according to your business requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and complete security for your business and resources. We also offer additional services to enhance your web presence such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Delivery network (CDN), search engine advertising, web and marketing analytics among all others. 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your web presence by optimizing the way your site navigated and presented in search engines. With SEO, we increase your leads, credibility and brand awareness.
Through Content Delivery Network (CDN), we put a copy of your site’s cache in numerous nodes at various locations across the world ensuring that your site is always accessible and responsive wherever you are. 
We can help your business to advertise in the web through various search engine and social media platforms. This strategy is not only cost-effective, highly target-focused, but also greatly increases your market reach.
Through our web analytics platform, you can better understand your target market’s demographics, behavior, and interests among all others. This powerful tool provides valuable data that can improve your SEO.


Our team of experts are ready to improve and elevate your business through high-tech implementation and maximize the return of your technological investment.