Web Development

PT. Teknovasi Mitra Komputindo is the expert in the development and implementation process of any web-based projects. We can plan, design, develop , build, test and implement any web-based projects whether it is a simple custom website, e-commerce portal or a complex web-based application for your business. Our web programmers and designers have a wide variety of portfolio from different industries and can help you to realize your expectations. 

Custom Website Service

With our custom website service, you can build your dream website. We support website development for various devices as well so you can be rest assured knowing that your website will be fully compatible in laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet. In addition, we also provide these following services to enhance your website and business performance.

Maximize your online visibility throughout well-known search engines with our SEO management service. We can help you get your online presence known throughout the web. 

Our web analytic tools can provide insight of your website statistics. The reports provided through our analytics tools can help your organization to optimize your web usage. 

Our CDN implementation deliver your web pages through a system of distributed servers based on the geographic location of your web users to ensure high availability and performance of your website. 

We can help you reach and connect with your customers better through our automated marketing system. In addition, you can configure all your marketing process and deployment schedules in advance through our automated system. 

We can help you advertise your web, products or services on the web. We can get your advertisements posted on search results, related websites and even on e-commerce portals. 

We can help you set up an E-Commerce portal for your website so you can start selling your products and generate income right away.

The All-Around package! We manage, promote and expand your online presence through all of our services and more. We can help you set your social media accounts, provide graphics, contents and video advertisements, as well as develop a solid marketing plan for your organization. In addition, we can help you run the show and schedule all marketing-related tasks so you can sit back and focus on your business instead. 

Custom Web Application Service

Our custom web application service will allow you /to build a custom web-based application for your organization. We can build anything from an e-commerce portal, store POS application, inventory management system, clinical EMR system to a complex CRM and many more. In addition, we can help to set up the application at your organization’s office to ensure a smooth and speedy operation. Your custom application will be hosted on our secure cloud server and we will take care of all regular maintenance (such as regular backup, database cleanup, storage expansion, connectivity issues, and many others) through our Managed Services so you can rest easy knowing that you can completely focus on your business without worrying about any IT issues that might come up. 

Let us help you to build your business through web